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Sean’s History


Sean Parnell is unelectable in a General Election as a direct result of his violent and disturbing history with women, and he will be a poison pill in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh suburbs. From sexist comments on national TV to police-documented domestic abuse, Sean Parnell’s history makes him unelectable and will cost the GOP a shot at a Senate Majority in 2022.

Sexist Comments

Sean has frequently made inflammatory, sexist comments on national television. He has called the idea that a woman can live a fulfilling life without a man ‘nonsense’ and called women ‘tyrants’:

“The Idea That A Woman Doesn’t Need A Man To Be Successful… The Idea That A Woman Can Live A Happy And Fulfilling Life Without A Man, I Think It’s All Nonsense.”
— Sean Parnell (Fox Nation, 9/17/19)
“I am gonna say something very un-PC, I reject this study wholesale. I feel like the whole happy wife, happy life nonsense has done nothing but raise one generation of women tyrants after the next.”
— Sean Parnell (Fox Nation, 9/17/19)
Police Call Logs

Police call logs detail repeated visits to the Parnell house from law enforcement.

Police were called to respond to:

Sean’s ex-wife Laurie inquiring about how to file a PFA against Sean (Cranberry Township Police Logs, 11/18/15)

Sean taking items from the house against Laurie’s wishes (Cranberry Township Police Logs, 6/19/18)

A separate ‘civil matter’ (Cranberry Township Police Logs, 7/4/18) and

An unidentified man jamming a rod into Laurie’s car tire just months after both PFAs had been filed against Sean. (Cranberry Township Police Logs, 11/22/19)

Getting Ex-Wife Fired

Laurie Parnell is currently suing Sean’s non-profit due to the “discriminatory conduct, retaliation, and hostile work environment” she experienced after Laurie divorced Sean. After learning of Laurie’s divorce from Sean, her supervisor refused to speak to her for six months and she was ultimately fired from the non-profit.

The case is still active and the two sides have not settled. (Parnell v. American Warrior Initiative; Filed 11/25/20)

Protection From Abuse Orders

Sean’s ex-wife Laurie has been granted two separate Protection from Abuse orders against Sean, approximately one year apart. In both instances, Sean’s firearms were stripped from him, a penalty that demonstrates law enforcement’s concerns about Sean’s anger and potential danger to those around him.

One report details a Protection from Abuse order granted to ex-wife Laurie in which Sean became loud and disruptive at the Domestic Relations Office – prompting a call to the Sheriff’s Office. Sean’s guns were confiscated from him as a result. (Butler County Sheriff’s Office, 6/8/18)

Another report details officers coming to Sean’s house as a result of a different Protection from Abuse order granted to ex-wife Laurie in which the officers confiscated Sean’s guns and ordered him to leave the property. (Butler County Sheriff’s Office, 7/5/17)


Sean Parnell’s disturbing history with women makes him unelectable. Parnell will eliminate Republicans’ chances to hold this seat. There is too much at stake to let someone with a history of domestic abuse represent the Republican Party in this race, a must-win in our bid to take back the Senate.

911 Call Logs

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